Helping cannabis start-ups enter highly competitive markets, and reach new standards in professionalism, integrity and accountability.

We started our business with 4Front Advisors. Helping secure 50 operating licenses across eight jurisdictions — some of them the most competitive in the country — we’ve become one of the most successful consulting firms in the industry. That’s due to an intimate knowledge of complex regulatory environments, but also to an out-of-the-box mindset, prioritizing both competitive edge and compassion.



Compliance interpretation

Detailed project plan and project management

Narrative application content

Comprehensive budgeting

Abridged operating manuals to demonstrate competency

Final application compilation


Inventory tracking

Patient record tracking

Reporting practices to local agencies

Medicine testing

Patient education

Staff licensing


Optimal dispensary design

Comprehensive staffing charts and job descriptions

Employee handbooks, operations manuals and operations tools for each department

Medicine and product mixture optimization

Patient service programs


Management training programs

Training manuals, job aids and checklists for job positions

On-site training before and after opening

Access to ongoing training

Updates on industry regulations and emerging best practices